Ostden is a small town on the Icefang river. It boasts a petite population of just over four hundred people, nearly all human.. Some would argue that the only reason that it appears on most maps is that it is the one spot in a hundred and twenty miles to cross the Icefang without fording it.

The Lord of Ostden is Lord Alfred Osterly, a fair man who not only controls the town, but the outlying area as well. This mostly consists of several farms in the plains to the north and a couple of ranches in the hills to the west. For a small community on a major river, it does very well for itself, trading in wool, grains and fish

The most notable structure in the town is the bridge itself, a masterpiece of carpentry. It spans the half-mile width of the Icefang. Some of the locals jest that the area would be a dense forest if not for that “damned bridge”, but it remains a symbol of local pride nonetheless.


The town of Ostden is made up of five major sections: the Climb, the docks, the far side, the Hill and the outskirts.

The Climb is the name for the the “main street” of the town. It runs the major trade route from the river and both gates, up to the bridge, and is lined on either side with most of Ostden’s many shops. Salazar’s bar, the Gilded Serpent lies in this section of the town.

The Docks are, as imagined, the docks of Ostden, located along the Icefang River. There is room for several vessels along the west bank, and Will’s ferry service to transport travelers to the east bank. Also in this section of the city is Ole Tommy’s inn and tavern, The Leaky Bottle.

The Far Side is the name used for all the parts of Ostden along the eastern bank of the Icefang. Parts of this section are secured behind walls as well, but mostly only those of importance to the township. This includes the Ostden barracks and the entrance to the foot bridge. Most of the farms are left unguarded, but patrolled.

The Hill is the highest point in the town, and is for the wealthier class of citizens. A watchtower, located at Ostden’s highest point, is located here, and serves as the town’s court and local jail as well. Each of the Osterlies has a home here.

The Outskirts comprises of everything outside of the Climb, and outside of the city walls. The walls of Ostden are made of oak, and reinforced strong iron. They stand twenty feet tall, and are built with platforms and catwalks on the town side.


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