The Lost Tomes of Elreshrodan

Chapter 1-Session 2

After Salazar and Cid were called back to the town of Ostden by the Thief Guild wizard, a new adventurer stumbled upon the remaining three in the bear cave.

The group then waited for the storm to subside, then continued east towards Kreshell. They found the wreckage, and their scout tracked the attackers back to a shipping company in the northern edges of the Djezet Forest. After dealing with the ‘bandits’, the group discovered a door leading to the lower levels. In these lower levels, they found barrack space for easily sixty soldiers, as well as a mess hall, where they encountered the soldier’s Lieutenant Erasmus Shen. After a rather unpleasant battle, they bested Shen (and looted him, see below). They continued through the caves to find the Commander, and then discussed things with him in front of a small army of undead phalanx soldiers.

Loot Gained: Ornate box (25 gp) of red-thready-stuff, Silver Ring from Shen (magical, still needs to be identified), Darkleaf studded leather armor (1 suit looted, appx 30 suits still in the Shipping Company).

Chapter 1-Session 1
The Missing Caravan-Part 1

Characters: Clovis, Dal, Cid, Salazar

Dal receives a mission to acquire a team and locate a caravan that went missing between Ostden and Kreshell. He makes contact with the Thieves Guild leader, Salazar, who agrees to join him, as well as brings him a warpriest acquaintance of his, named Cid. While they are meeting, Clovis, the newly pro-claimed assassin, tracks them down to “sign on” to their scouting job as well. The group leave the town of Ostden with Gerald, an ex-military sniper who signs on for the job as well.

The trip is mostly uneventful as they cross the plains to the east of Ostden, and the group skirts around any real challenges that they may face. After passing through Twin Bridges, they come into the path of a fairly severe storm, and decide to take shelter in a cave that Clovis knows of.

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